Gas Fires

AA Gas Appliance Care can Repair , Service and Install your Gas Fire

For maximum efficiency and  safety , it is in your best interest to have your Gas Fire regularly serviced

Servicing  your Gas Fire annually will help to ensure its safe operation and help to prolong the life of your Gas Fire.

Well maintained Gas Fires will work more efficiently and will therefore cost less to run.

Faulty or poorly maintained Gas Fires can be dangerous and could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Fire Service Checklist:

  • Check Gas Fire for gas tightness
  • Check flue is clear and working correctly
  • Remove outer case and clean burner, pilot assembly etc.
  • Check Gas Fire is working at correct gas pressure and burning correctly
  • Check safety devices on Gas Fire
  • Check safe operation of Gas Fire
  • Carry out flue flow and spillage test to ensure safe removal of  Products of combustion